Charlotte is passionate about transforming people of all ages and abilities lives through Yoga & Meditation as well as through her Dating & Relationship Coaching programmes. Charlotte’s journey with Yoga started back in 2007, when a friend took her to a Yoga class to help with her chronic anxiety and stress. Over the years, Charlotte found that Yoga helped her manage her stress and anxiety, eliminate her insomnia and help her to a much healthier, happier and kinder person. She feels that Yoga has completely transformed her life, and wants to help as many people as she can discover the benefits that Yoga brings to life. Not only did it help her to keep in control of eating habits, her body started intuitively to crave healthier foods that nourished her body and mind. She can honestly can say that Yoga has completely changed her life for the better. She is a stronger person both physically and emotionally and sees the world from a different point of view; one that is much more positive, peaceful and happier.

Charlotte is known for her understanding, welcoming and friendly approach, her intuitive way of teaching and her genuine desire to share the benefits of Yoga and helps others. Charlotte is trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini Yoga and Prana Flow but blends and tailors classes according to the students’ needs. She understands that everyone is different and unique. Yoga helps us achieve our very highest potential in this lifetime, and Charlotte will help you find your own inner strength and courage to unlock it.

She teaches in Brentwood and surrounding areas, and via Skype around the UK and world. Please contact her via the form before for a quote as travelling charges may apply. Prices vary depending on the location and amount of classes booked. Discounts are available for block bookings.

Private Yoga classes are a great idea for all ages, abilities and interests. The benefit of a private yoga lesson is that the class can be personalised according to your level and needs. The pace, content, focus and dynamic of each class can be tailored, and there is a much greater attention to alignment and adjustment.

Private classes are recommended for:

Beginners - wishing to set a strong foundation for their practice or before joining a public class. The most common thing that people say is that they have never done Yoga before, they are sure they won’t be any good/flexible etc. I honestly couldn’t touch my toes when I started, but over time I have become so much more flexible and strong and now realise that Yoga isn’t scary at all. The best idea is just to start and see how Yoga can enhance your life!

Intermediate/Advanced students - wishing to enhance their practice or gain a deeper knowledge of the many areas of asana, meditation and Yogic Philosophy.

Specific mind and body issues – such as helping with injuries, relieving anxiety and depression or stress management.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Physical benefits
  • Helps with weight Loss
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces blood pressure, increase circulation, strengthen the heart
  • Improves respiratory fitness
  • Improves posture and reduces back pain and general aches and pains
  • Increases muscle tone and strengthens and lengthens the muscles
  • Increases bone density
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Decreases the aging process
  • Increases endurance, balance, agility and coordination
  • Aids and improves the digestive system
Mental benefits
  • Immediate stress reduction and relaxation
  • Improves the ability to cope with stress if practiced reguarly
  • Increases willpower and discipline
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Improves confidence, body image and self-belief
  • Improves concentration, focus and mental clarity
  • Helps with anxiety and depression
  • Helps us to be more mindful in our thoughts, words and actions
  • Decreases negative emotions such as fear and anger
  • Improves intuition
  • Reduces the effects of a traumatic experiences
  • Provides much-needed “me-time.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyasa (pronounced "vin-yah-sah") is the Sanskrit word for "flow", and vinyasa classes are known for their fluid, movement-intensive practices. Classes run smoothly transition from pose to pose, and I often play music to keep things lively. The intensity of the practice is similar to Ashtanga, but no two vinyasa classes are the same. If you hate routine and love to test your physical limits, vinyasa may be just for you.
Kundalini Yoga is sometimes called the Yoga of Awareness and its primary goal is to awaken kundalini energy - an energy that when awakened leads us to our true and highest potential in life. Classes include asana, pranayama and meditation designed to create a specific outcome. Expect to encounter challenging breathing exercises, including the rapid pranayama known as Breath of Fire, mini-meditations, mantras, mudras (sealing gestures), and vigorous movement-oriented postures, often repeated for minutes, that will push you to your limit—and beyond.
The word Yoga means ‘to unite’. It is a union of the mind, body and spirit and its purpose is to unite the individual with the world around us. This means that we feel more connected to ourselves, who we really are and our true purpose in life. We are aware of our actions and how we affect others. Yoga is a science; a practical, methodical, and systematic set of techniques. It shouldn’t take us away or separate us from the world, but instead it should help us to live more harmoniously amongst the rest of existence, and help us to become more aware of how every individual has a link and effect to everything else on the planet.
- Please let me know if you have a specific medical condition or injury before class. Yoga can support the healing process but I need to know to be able to help you. Please always use your common sense, don’t push too hard initially and don’t be afraid to sit down and rest whenever you need to.
You are never too old! Yoga is for all ages from children to retirees. As long as you listen to the teacher as well as your own body for guidance then anybody can benefit from attending Yoga classes. Before beginning any new activity it is wise to consult your doctor as to its suitability for you, especially if you have any pre-existing or chronic conditions. Never do anything that feels uncomfortable for you. Yoga isn’t about no pain, no gain!
Yes of course!! One of the main benefits of Yoga is that it is hugely beneficial in terms of creating flexibility – no one is expected to be very flexible in their first class. Over time with regular practice, you will definitely become more flexible.

'Practice and all is coming….. ' Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
Please just wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in. Also please bring a warm jumper for relaxation at the end.
I supply mats, but feel free to bring your own if you have one. Also please bring a bottle of water, but try not to drink too much during the practice as just before and after should be fine.
Please do not practice Yoga until at least 2 hours after a normal meal and at least 3 hours for a heavy one. A piece of fruit or small snack up to an hour before should be fine. It is also not recommended to eat 2-3 hours before going to bed as it can stop us from getting to sleep, so try not to eat a heavy meal after the Yoga class if it is late at night.



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