Andrea, 32 years old, London

Before working with Charlotte, I felt that I was trying to be open in meeting someone but it just wasn't happening. I couldn't really understand what I was doing wrong. I have always found one-to-one coaching very useful, having done career coaching so I thought why not apply that to my love life! Charlotte was very encouraging and always looked to find the positive in each situation. She has been great in listening to my experiences and reminding me to learn from any negative experiences.

After working with Charlotte, I realised I had to relax a bit more, that I can't be in control every situation, and that I have to open myself up to love. I also learnt that meeting someone isn't necessarily going to happen in the way that I previously thought. I learnt to put myself out of my comfort zone a little more too.

I would recommend Charlotte to anyone wants to open up their heart, learn how to become more vulnerable in love and who wants to find themselves again. Charlotte will fully support you on your journey to finding love, and help you to see or acknowledge things you might have missed before.

Linda, 70 years old, Essex

Before working Charlotte, I felt I was just plodding along and not getting anywhere with my love life. She helped guide me in the right direction and encouraged me to never give up. Charlotte has a really positive personality with tons of empathy. She was always helpful when I contacted her in between sessions with and minor or major questions. I learnt a lot about myself and realised I may have been giving off the wrong impression before about the real me. Charlotte helped me to be more outgoing and take control of my love life. After working with Charlotte, I realised I had to make a bit more effort with my love life and I became a lot more confident about myself and the future. I recommend Charlotte to anyone who is ready to acknowledge they have to work on themselves and any ‘issues’ in their love life.

T. Myllers, 28 years old, Sweden

Before I worked with Charlotte, I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted in life or even think that I had the capacity to find true love or live an amazing life. I was completely stuck in the past and angry at myself, people around me and life in general. Charlotte helped me find forgiveness for the past, and helped me to believe in myself and my strength. After just two months of working with Charlotte I found love with an amazing girl who is everything I ever wanted! I also have learnt to really love myself and know my worth. I am in touch with my feelings and I listen to my intuition in both love and life. I am so much healthier and happier, I respect my body and I sleep better as Charlotte helped me with my insomnia issues too. She even helped me to teach a 2 litre a day coca cola habit. Although she helped me find love, she helped me in all areas of my life too.

Charlotte even encouraged me to go after the type of job that I wanted even though I initially thought I wasn’t good enough for it. She could see what I was capable of, and I ended up getting the first interview I went for!

Megan, 34 years old, USA

Hey Charlotte! I just want to say thank you so much working with me. It has been truly life changing, and your work is so important to each and every one of us that wants to change but doesn’t know how. My life before the coaching sessions was what you could call a "tangled mess". My thoughts and feelings related to my mind and body were really negative. I never really took the time to listen to myself, to learn about myself and understand what made me ‘me’. The relationship with my husband was really struggling, and I wanted to get back to how we were. These sessions have provided that. I have learned so much about myself, from how I feel about myself to how I view myself. I have gained insight on how to love my life, love myself as a person and I found a new and much stronger love for my husband. I am so much more grateful, thankful and loving and I feel so much closer to him. I learned how to manage stress and anxiety in my life, and just be present. Working with Charlotte should not be taken for granted. My life has been forever changed and a lot less "tangled”. I am so thankful that our paths crossed.

Jaime, 30 years old, Essex

Before I started working with Charlotte I was feeling pretty low. My self-esteem was low because I was unhappy with my weight, and this was impacting on various aspects of my life. Charlotte was very easy to talk to, totally non-judgemental, and extremely knowledgeable about various ideas and strategies from a wide range of sources, that I could use to improve my situation. Through working with Charlotte, I learned that loving myself and treating myself lovingly was the most important thing to do and only through doing this could I truly affect positive change for myself. After my sessions with Charlotte I felt so much more positive, and equipped with different tools that would help me going forward. I felt hopeful again and strong enough to break out of negative cycles that had dominated my life for so long. I would recommend working with Charlotte to anyone who feels stuck, wants change, but is unsure how to go about achieving it, or just needs somebody who knows what they are doing to help motivate and inspire them. This could be for a whole range of reasons. I would also recommend Charlotte to anyone who is interested in yoga, meditation and spiritual development, and who is willing to think outside the box to truly understand themselves, their problems, and what they can do to lead a healthier, happier life.

Michael, 38 years old, Essex

I first discovered Yoga through attending her Yoga classes. I found her easy going, approachable and professional. I discovered Charlotte also worked as a Life Coach, specialising mostly in love and relationships. This was something I had chosen to ignore due to the pain I had experienced in my past relationships. I knew I was attracting the wrong people so I jumped at the chance to work with Charlotte. Through our work I was able to identify why I was making the same mistakes in my love life, and unblocked the blockages which had prevented me from moving forwards. I soon enough started to become the person I was meant to be, ended a relationship that wasn’t right for me and attract the person that was right for me. I am now seeing someone who I hope to build a future with. I am more than happy to recommend Charlotte if want to find your life partner but are stuck in the past or attracting the wrong type of relationship. She is very understanding, down to earth, and gets it.

She is worth her weight in gold!

Colin Barber

It is impossible not to come away from one of Charlotte’s yoga classes without feeling rejuvenated and inspired by her enthusiasm.

The classes are well paced, with one movement flowing into the next, and the outdoor classes in particular, in a beautiful country garden, really bring you in touch with nature.

The yoga teaching is interspersed with positive affirmations and mantras, which make it feel like much more than just a yoga class - A perfect way to start the day.

Lauren Davis

I have had the pleasure of attending Charlotte's yoga classes since 2015. Charlotte is always so warm and welcoming and her classes are always varied.

Charlotte always encourages you to work to what feels good for you.

Since attending Charlotte's classes I feel I have grown in confidence in my yoga practice aswell as my personal life.

If you are looking for a yoga teacher who will encourage you to be your best then Charlotte is the one for you!

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