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Charlotte is passionate about helping as many women and men as she can fall in love with Yoga, fall in love with themselves and experience love and happiness in all areas of their life. Her aim is to teach Yoga that helps people change within themselves so they feel more confident, content and complete as well as benefit from all the physical, mental and emotional benefits that it brings.

On the coaching side, she focuses on working as a Relationship Coach as unintentionally, 90% of the people she attracted through working as a Life Coach to begin with, were single and then ended up in a relationship (the others were in unhappy relationships, and then healed their existing relationship so they were happy again).

Charlotte says “I grew up in Essex where I felt that pretty much everyone was super successful AND supermodel stunning, and I didn’t feel like I was either of those things or really fitted in with everyone else. I felt like the outsider with red hair, a quirky nature and an outspoken mind. I knew I was different but struggled to try and fit in with the crowd. I would try and please others growing up, and I even took a LOT of drugs for quite a few years at one point as I thought this would make my boyfriend at the time love me more. Crazy huh!? I certainly wasn’t loving or respectful of my body, and so this led me to keep attracting people who didn’t love or respect me either.

I had a string of bad relationships that were unhealthy, unsupportive and even emotionally and physically abusive at times, and these really affected my confidence and self-esteem around men, love and relationships.

Aged around 22, someone took me to a Yoga class and that was start of my journey with self-development, Yoga and Wellbeing. I soon realised that until you learn to love yourself, accept yourself, release limiting behaviours and negative patterns, it is likely you are going to go around in circles never being truly happy and attracting toxic relationships in all areas of life, not just your love life. I now know that until you go inside and do the deep inner work needed to uncover who you really are, become comfortable and confident within yourself, nothing external (and that includes relationships) is going to make you happy. Until you can be happy in your own skin and truly comfortable with yourself, nothing else will make you happy.

I help my Yoga students and Coaching clients to uncover who they really are, go after what they really want in life, replace fear with love in all areas of their life, find and keep the relationship of their dreams, let go of what doesn’t serve them and improve their health on a mind, body and spirit level. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

With love

Charlotte xxx

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